Saturday, December 7, 2013

# 69: Daisy Hill Puppy Farm

Daisy Hill Puppy Farm

The Icelandic Jesus and Mary Chain or My Bloody Valentine

Daisy Hill Puppy Farm was in it’s prime in 1987-1990 and released one 7″ single (1988) and an EP named Spraycan (1989). Their first relase were 4 songs on compilation cassettes, Snarl and Snarl II, released by Erðanúmúsík in 1987.

Their walls of noise and feedback were rather an astounding experience for concert-goers then and was heavily influenced by Jesus and Mary Chain. The vocals were usualy drowned in beautiful distortion and feedback.

The front-man of the band, Jóhann Jóhannsson has since moved on to become a respectable musician, composing music for movies and theatre, and has worked with f.e. Emiliana Torrini, Marc Almond and Barry Adamson. He is now also part of Apparat Organ Quartet.

Sadly the band suffered a major blow when the drummer unexpectedly parted from this world in 1991.

Jóhann kept it going as a solo project for a while but the project was abandoned with just a song or two appearing on a compilation CD on Lakeland Records.

August 1987 (Morgunbladid)
October 1987 (Morgunbladid)

December 1987 (Morgunbladid)

May 2009 (Morgunbladid)

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