Wednesday, December 28, 2011

# 57: Vicky

(previous Vicky Pollard)
What's in the name - Feat. in The Sun in 2007 about the bandname
 Björk almost disturbing the trip to China in 2008 (March 2008, Fréttabladid)
About the China trip in April 2008 (Fréttabladid)
 Article by Dr. Gunni in October 2008 (Fréttabladid)
 Review of debut album "Pull Hard" in 2008 (Fréttabladid)
 August 2011
 Popp (August 2011)
 September 2011 (Fréttabladid)
December 2011 (Fréttabladid)

# 56: Tricky in Iceland

 Tricky in Iceland
I think there is only 1 artist who collaborated with as many Icelandic female singers as Tricky.
On "Maxinquaye" (1995) with vocals by Ragnhildur "Ragga Gísladóttir" Gröndal
His collaborations with Björk on "Post", Björk collaborating on "Nearly God" (1996)
On his 2008 album "Knowle West Boy", Hafdis Huld is performing on the track "Cross to Bear" and on the song "Slow" Emilíana Torrini is singing.
 Ragga with Tricky in August 1995 (Helgarposturinn)
 With the other Iceland lovers Pulp in DV (January 1996)
 January 1996 (DV)
 April 1996 (Morgunbladid)
 April 1996 (Morgunbladid)
 Nearly God in Morgunbladid (April 1996)
 May 1996 (DV)
 May 1998 (DV)
 With Tricky and Goldie in Morgunbladid (October 1996)
 Björk's collaborations with males in DV (November 1996)
 June 1998 (Morgunbladid)
Emiliana Torrini in Morgunbladid in July 2001
August 2008 (Fréttabladid)

Friday, November 25, 2011

# 55: The Sugarcubes in the Flemish & English written press in the 80s & 90s

 The Sugarcubes in Flemish (Belgian) & English written press
from my Sugarcubes scrapbook
Review of The Sugarcubes "Birthday" RMX by The Jesus & Mary Chain in HUMO Magazine
"Birthday" RMX in Basta! List in HUMO Magazine
"Birthday" in the English Charts
Review of The Sugarcubes "Birthday" RMX by The Jesus & Mary Chain
"Life's too good" in Lux Janssen Top 10 List  
The Sugarcubes "Life's too good" Review in HUMO Magazine
"Coldsweat" in English Charts
The Sugarcubes, Icelandic pop music with taste
Icelandic Sugarcubes cool pop music performed @ Ghent/Gent, Flanders (1989)
In concert @ Ghent/Gent, Belgium (1988)
Reviews of "Here today, tomorrow next week"& "Stick around for joy" in HUMO Magazine
Concert @ AB to promote 3rd album "Stick around for joy"
Björk with Einar Örn "vomiting" = bweuaaarrrk
Björk & 808 State in Iceland 
"Hit" in the Charts of Studio Brussel
"Vitamin" in Basta! list in HUMO Magazine
Perfect Photograph of the sleeping Sugarcubes
Interview with Derek Birkett, boss of One Little Indian (ILO) label, 
the label of the Sugarcubes
Laugh or Cry
Review of Concert @ San Francisco
 Review by Thomas Lowette with the legendary final words:
"Yes, mister Benediktson (sic), I was bored!"
The Sugarcubes: the (relative) success rushed to their head
The Sugarcubes took revenge (1989) after their bad concert of last year (1988)
The Sugarcubes have grown up
"little, lovely Björk"
Sugar from Iceland, warmth from Jamaica
The Material World of The Sugarcubes
One of the favourite artists was S.H. Draumur
Concert Review of gig in Ghent/Gent 
The Sugarcubes Live @ Preston Guild Hall - A Review
"Life's too good" on N° 11 in the Fata Morgana Charts in HUMO
The Sugarcubes, a self-willed popgroup from Iceland
"Here today, tomorrow next week" Number 1 in the English Charts
The Sugarcubes again with some "Hits"
Jesus and Mary Chain Remix of Birthday
"A mediocre debut album, a very bad concert @ Ghent last year, 
a bad second album and a 2nd gig @ Ghent that wasn't good at all."
"Songs: nohthing at all"
"Vocals: nought"
"Soap-bubbles are their fetish."
"The Sugarcubes is a soap-bubble kept alive, but it's time that it explodes."
The Sugarcubes perform beneath their reputation @ Brussels AB venue
The Sugarcubes go astray @ AB, Brussels